Walt Disney's Magic Touches All of Us

Since, I usually post on Sundays, and since, today happens to be the usual busy Mother’s Day, I’d like to revisit my very first post on this Blog, A Mother’s Gift, which I wrote shortly after my mother passed away and updated recently.  I wrote about how my mother’s interest in Disney and Disneyana influenced me. I didn’t always appreciate the gifts my late Mother bestowed upon me during her lifetime, including a love for all things Disney. I think trying to separate from your parents, particularly our mothers is part of the natural growing up process. Unlike much of the animal kingdom, our mothers don’t usually push us out of the nest or chase us away as we get older. Our moms are always there for us.

The effect of denying that my mother could offer me anything useful to learn didn’t become clear to me until after she was gone. My mother had taken my brother and I to many Disney movies while we were were growing up. She surrounded us with Disneyana in the house. I owe much of my treasured Disney collection to her hard work and appreciation of Walt’s work. In retrospect, now that I am caretaker of that


Part of my Disneyana collection

collection and continue to add to it, I wish I had spent more time enjoying the items with her. There are some pieces that she must have found wonderfully interesting and exciting to own, but are now a mystery to me. She may have even owned some of them during her childhood. I’m not making the same mistake with my kids. I’ve created an annotated item inventory and I spend time to help my kids understand why the collection means so much to me. (see my post Hooked on Collecting)

Walt and Mrs. Disney Standing with Stuffed Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney and his mother, Flora

As with all son’s, Walt appears to have had a complex relationship with his mother. Based on the biographies I have read, it seems he trusted her. While he was in Paris at the end of World War I, he sent money home and she put some aside for him so his father wouldn’t find out. It was that nest egg that enabled Walt to start his first business. We’ll never know for sure how much his mother helped

walt ww1

Walt in Paris, 1918

make Walt who he became. But, you can be certain, that whether he was aware of it or not, her voice, her advice and her support was in his head and heart.

My mother always supported me in all my ventures and adventures over the years. It may have taken some time to blossom, but her love of Walt Disney was definitely inside me somewhere. It’s lead to my growing collection and this Blog, as well as connection to a worldwide community of, creative and inspiring like-minded, Disney loving people. So, take this as a cautionary tale. Your mother may not always know best. She may not always be right. But she has a lot to offer, if you give her the chance. You never know what you might find in yourself someday. So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the deserving, unappreciated moms out there from all of us to whom you give so much.

I’d like to take advantage of the Disney community to which I referred. I was hoping that someone out there could help me identify these objects from my collection, which I have had no luck identifying. If you can help, please leave a comment or send me an email.

ashtray mickeyIMG_3331IMG_3312IMG_3308micke & minnie cells


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