Walt Disney's Magic Touches All of Us

About Brad’s Blog

Welcome to the Disney Connection. You’re in for a real treat. My name is Brad Kramer. I am a full time technology Architect for an international software company and a part timeBrad with beard playwright and fan of Walt Disney. While I would like to reverse the full time and part time roles, it isn’t practical at the present.

Why am I blogging about Walt Disney? I started the Disney Connection blog for two reasons:

  1. I am confident that creating a more regular writing routine will encourage me to. . . .write more. (Could be circular logic, but I’m not going to worry about it now)
  2. Walt Disney has become a role model for me. While the expectations for my life do not include the same kinds of accomplishments (insert long list of here), I find that his words and actions are applicable in many ways to things I hope to achieve.

What am I going to blog about? First refer to the previous question. I do think about many things and usually have an opinion. However, I’m not going to stray too far afield from topics that speak to how Walt Disney continues to have an impact on my life and the lives of others. I know most successful blogs are laser focused on things like politics or specific technologies, but, I’m going to leave myself some room to explore. I hope those of you who drop by will find the posts (Check all that apply):

  • Interesting
  • Thought provoking
  • Amusing
  • Entertaining

Why should you spend your valuable time at The Disney Connection when there are already about a bazillion blogs and websites about Disney? 

Unlike many other Disney sites, (which, by the way, I am a frequent visitor of many) The Disney Connection is more personal and focused on Walt’s legacy. While I will probably talk about theme parks, movies and merchandise, for me, it starts and ends with Walt and his view of the world.

How do I feel about comments and different opinions? The differences between us are what make life interesting. Whether it’s chocolate or vanilla, Disney World or Disneyland, differences of opinion and points of view gives us a place to connect and get to know each other better. You never know how what someone else has to say might influence you to think differently about something you always believed was a rock solid belief. Let me know if you disagree or tell me if you think I’ve got it wrong. Let’s keep things civil and respectful and this will be fun.

“Welcome aboard! Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas.”

— Brad

Comments on: "About Brad’s Blog" (5)

  1. Look forward to reading more of your posts!


  2. Glad I found your blog and look forward to reading. I absolutely think your circular logic about writing makes sense 🙃


  3. Well done Brad.


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